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Yoyo Vent - a smarter way of cooling

Hi, did you ever wish your AC vents could swing themselves, spraying cool air around in your vehicle?  Have you noticed in a hot summer day, the temperature in your car is not balanced? Have you ever experienced headache or discomfort because of the cool air from your AC vents blowing on your face constantly?  Did your loved ones ever complain about the AC being uncomfortable while going out with you?  Are you jealous of your friend whose car has oscillating vents?

If your answer to any of above questions is YES, we have a solution for you!

This revolutionary YOYO-VENT is attached to your vent louver.  It rotates slowly, spreading cool air in all directions, thus cooling the entire vehicle efficiently.  The cool air gently caresses your face periodically, making you feel like driving in a natural breeze.  No more adjusting the original vents in your car.  No more headache.  No more complaint from your loved ones.  Instead, they will be fascinated by this cool little device and asking you tons of questions.

The YOYO-VENT doesn't use any power!  There is no battery to buy, no tangling wire to connect.  This worldwide patented gadget runs itself!

Sold in set of two.


Price: $12.00 / set + $5.60 S&H

USPS Parcel Post, 4-8 business days for delivery

Ship to 48 USA lower states only

                                                Out of stock !  Check back later !


  • Automobile vent outlet air distribution device - USA Patent: #6,342,003B1
  • Airflow in all directions
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Balanced temperature distribution
  • No battery to buy, no wire to connect
  • Installed in seconds
  • Better than the oscillating vents on Lexus LS430
  • No more headache
  • No more vent adjustment
  • No more complaint from other passengers
  • Air freshener compartment included
  • Worldwide patented